A Dramedy – Inspired by a real court-mandated program in the state of Connecticut


When divorcing couples are legally required to attend co-parenting classes, they reluctantly find themselves back in school as adults. Parents begin to learn, both in and outside the classroom, how to create inspiring, extraordinary lives while maintaining their sanity.


You meet the person of your dreams, magic happens, and you fall madly and passionately in love. You take the plunge and get married…

Falling out of love isn’t as glamorous. You wed, you got pregnant, you celebrated and disciplined your children without a single mandatory class. But now, suddenly, during the most sensitive time in your life, you are legally mandated to attend co-parenting education classes in order to get divorced. Going back to school as an adult isn’t for the feint of heart — you meet other separating individuals going through exactly what you are – pain, anguish, suffering, recriminations, self-doubt, self-loathing and the implosion of the traditional nuclear family. But from tragedy emerges comedy, or better stated –dramedy.  Together, these relatable individuals cathartically  embrace each others’ highs and lows, ultimately moving from devastation to inspiration as they learn that divorce is not the end of their lives— it’s just the beginning.

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